Transform your life through your breath.

Conscious Breath Formula

UNLEASH YOUR ENTIRE POTENTIAL. Conscious Breath Formula begins with basic daily exercises and routines that unlock your body's and mind's potential to maximise energy, strength, and focus in a variety of ways.

The Art of Conscious Breathing

Our life quality depends on how we breath. Learn to conscious breathing in our day to day life is an art.


Breath is the main tool to syncronize our body, mind & soul. We have that freedom we can do conscious breath or unconscious breath in every aspect of our life.

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“Whenever our consciousness, the inner god residing inside us begins to experience the events that take place in our lives, we experience heaven at that very moment”

About Author

Gautam Patel.

I am Gautam your friend, buddy, and companion. 

            Here I will tell you a little bit about myself. Friends, I am a fairly common man, absolutely grounded.

 Here I would like to say one thing that I am a common man but I am alive and I am awake so there is consciousness within me, I have my god within me.  I mean to say that God is living within all awakened persons. The amazing thing is that our breath brings us closer to our god or our consciousness. Friends, there is a reason why I am telling you all this to you. Common people like us need to know these facts. Here I will tell you about one incident in my life.

I have been reading about breath for many years. I always believed that our breath is truly magical. We all must have realized that even after these many years, our lives have not changed. We may be doing meditation in the morning but once it is over we get involved in our daily routine again, and our hectic daily routine dominates (overshadows) our ten minutes of morning meditation. So, eventually, I realized that if we try to observe our breath, it helps us to be in the present moment for the whole day. And as soon as I realized this, I started my efforts. I read and searched a lot about breath.

After all these efforts, one thing I could discover is that to see the breath and to know about the breath all we need to do is to focus on it. This is an endless journey, but it is a very joyful journey. Here I would assure you that if any common man like me would work on his breath, would make his breath his life, he will have such amazing experiences in life that would not let him move away from this path. Friends, in the journey of breathing, we often will experience divinity and freedom, and I have experienced this many times. I have cried many times with tears well up in my eyes. But even that crying was so much fun that I felt that I just got everything. Many times, while walking or while driving, there were tears of joy in my eyes and I felt so much love, I still feel the same. Our love for every person, nature, and things grows. My father always used to tell me that we are ordinary people, friends today I realize how extraordinary it was of him to say that.

To feel blissfulness, one requires only breathing, one needs to be aware. According to my, all living persons on this planet are unique, extraordinary, because every person can experience happiness, love, and independence, and in that sense we all are extraordinary.

“In a conscious breathing lifestyle, it requires only breathing to experience blissfulness.”

I hope you all will like this book & Conscious Breath Formula course. In this conscious breath lifestyle, I have shared many experiments that would be helpful to us in creating awareness in every moment. And the most important thing is that we can make use of many such experiments at any time of our convenience, we need not spare separate time for that. All we need to do is to sharpen our focus. And I firmly believe that if anyone will try and be with his breath for 21 days continuously, he/she would come closer to his inner god. And then that consciousness, the God within us will not allow us to move away from this path of experiencing and enjoying ourselves.

“Fear is pushed away from us only when our awareness of life is overwhelming” Dorothy L. Sajers

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“Each of our conscious breaths brings us closer to God within us”