Breath Lifestyle Workshop

One to One Online “Breath Work” sessions for 5 days.
💥 Conscious Breath gives us freedom.
💥 Conscious Breathing is an art.
💥 Our life’s quality depends on how we Breath.
💥I share some basics important experiments about our breath & if you use that then I assure you after webinar you try that then you get new perspect of your life. You will feel new freshness.
💥 Our breath contains great power. It can change our whole life.
💥 Conscious breathing is more about feeling.
💥 Conscious breathing is the only skill which we must have to learn.
💥 When you breath consciously, you tap your power.
What you learn in this 5 days ?
🌟 You will start to fall in love with your breath.
🌟 You learn active techniques of breathing. Which we can use throughout the day.
🌟 You learn passive techniques of breathing which is the most important in breath work.
🌟 You know your breathing pattern in different situations.
What you get in this 5 days?
🌟 You will get to know how your breath is important for your body, mind & spirit.
🌟 Breath work gives you experience of peace & blissfulness.
🌟 You will get ebook of ” Breath Lifestyle”.
🌟 You will get access of “Conscious Breath Formula ” for 1 year. (4+hours recording of conscious breath techniques)
🌟 You will become part of “Breath Lifestyle” family.
Why i do this?
🌟 Because i am in love with my breath. I know if person like me will get lots experiences through just breath work then anybody can do this.
🌟 I love to talk about breath & sharing the secrets about breath with friends that’s why i do that.
🌟 This is one to one session for 5 days.

so if anybody interested in “Breath work” then feel free to call me.
Thank you so much.
love you all.

Breath lifestyle

Breath Lifestyle Workshop Client Reviews.

Hello Friends, I have recently completed the Conscious Breath Formula Online Course offered by Sri Gautam Patel, Founder, After having done this online course, I would like to share my experience with all of you. The course has given an awesome experience and focused specifically on teaching different types of breath techniques and implementing to achieve overall wellness in life. Needless to mention that Conscious Breath Formula course has given me an opportunity to explore and reinvent my emotional & spiritual quotient in terms of achieving health and wellness in my life. This unique course has taught me many powerful yet simple techniques to improve my mental and physical health. Undoubtedly, the step-by-step educational videos and hand-on breathing techniques displayed by Gautam Bhai have educated me with immense knowledge and given hands-on experience to gain a complete understanding on how to leverage my breath and reap health benefits & thereby achieving overall mindfulness. I have learnt different types of breathing such as Diaphragmatic breathing, Circular breathing, dynamic breathing and breathing awareness too. Undoubtedly, Gautam Bhai has an in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of breath. As you know, each breath brings us into life and it regenerates & expels things, which are not necessary. Most people only breathe at 10 to 20% of their full capacity. Restricted breathing greatly decreases respiratory function, which in turn decreases energy levels in the body, causes anxiety and stress and is a major cause of most illness and disease. Having worked in media for over two & a half decades, I have been always exposed to stressful life and had led to sedentary lifestyles. After having attended this course and applying the techniques in my life, I have been able to reduce anxiety, stress and achieve harmony & peace in my life and reaped huge benefits like physical pain relief and a greater boost to my immune system. I would sincerely like to thank Gautam Bhai for offering this excellent course. I highly recommend this course to those who are interested in achieving their overall wellness and experiencing more energy & vitality in life.


Dear Friends, Namaste 🙏😊 How are you all? Of course, all those who are reading this are fine, because you all are breathing. Breath is the fine line which connects us with life. Since the time we are born, and to our last day of life, Breath is our constant companion. Breath stops, life stops. However, we were never taught how proper breathing can change our life totally. From receiving the GRACE of the DIVINE, to our success in our material life. This workshop has been designed, created and brought before us, after experimenting with Breath for so many years. An inner calling of the DIVINE,connected me with the Universe, and I have enjoyed every single moment of my journey, connecting and learning, never once doubting the POWER of the Universe and the Breath. It is a beautiful workshop, which takes us ,step by step, learning different techniques on how ,with conscious control of our breath, we can change our mental, physical,emotional and spiritual health.